Friday, January 28, 2011

Company Dinner

3 and a half hour, and I'm heading to my dad's company dinner. -.- This is the first time my dad called me to skip college and go for the dinner! A ha! You are badddd~

So, its a time to figure what to wear, put some make up on and put on a pump! And vola~ you look fancy, sexy and lady look! Buahahaha~

Gotta go soon~ I'll update my blog soon!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Nothing much for today... as usual, went to college, lunch, meet friends, lecture class then head home. *yawn* But this time is with Ashlee only, the rest of my friend went to BANGKOK for shopping!! *frown* Ya.. I know I can't shop at there. But never mind, cause tomorrow I'm gonna travel around KL to PJ! Gonna search for nice clothes.. ngek ngek... But first, I still need to seek for my Coach *ROFC*
Guess what.. Ashlee addicted to this apps already! Hahaha.. She said it's cute. I don't know what is this apps called cause it's name of Korean word. So, if you want to try this apps, go download and have a try. I'll bet you will like it too *wink*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hard work

Okay. I gotta be hard working right now. Of course is for my studies, working, last but not least, my blog. I needed to use my blog wisely. While I log into my blog, I felt that I'm such a loser. How am I gonna be hard work while my blog is not always updated. *Smack head* This is a big No-No for me. I'm gonna change those habits from the inner me. *nod head hardly*

By the way, I'm can't upload pictures through here cause I can't transfer those picture to my laptop. Weird right? Everyone can but I can't *Cry* Never mind, I will try my best to transfer those picture in my laptop and upload it in my blog. :)

Anyway, semester 4 are gonna end soon. Chinese New Year is coming soon. Exam is heading soon. Semester 5 is coming soon. What on earth the time goes so fast?! *Sign* I better work hard from now on.

Oouuu ya~ today, there's something bad happen on me... I'VE DROP MY COACH!!!! *ROFC* This is the worst day I've ever had! It's because of the IT class. If is not because of the IT class, I won't drop my small lil purse!! aiks~ This is the worst day of my life!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zom to the Bie!!

I feel so frustrated now. I almost everyday stay up late at night to do my assignment or maybe facebook-ing or maybe I was on the phone. I felt so tired, lack of energy, lost my appetite, dark circle are getting darker! FML! In my opinion, college life should be fun, happy, but why am I having a frustrated life here.... -.- .... My eyes are getting smaller now. I can't even open up wide my eyes. Hurr~ help me please. I feel like killing myself now! Lol~~~ Business Law! You are killing me HARDLY!