Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At last!

At last! I smell college life again! It feels so wickedly again. I'm done with slacking around at home. Time to have some busy life now with taking public transports, seeing busy road with people crossing by the street, attending classes, rushing for assignment, working, drinking, hang out and partying. This is how life goes! Not just slacking around and doing nothing. It makes me keeps on looking at the time with every 10 minute and think 'when will the time strikes at 6pm?'
But for now, I'm so gonna have a busy life again :D Yay! Don't need to think what should I do or what to do any more because I have a lot of stuff gonna be done by now :) Life is short, I'm going to enjoy to the fullest!
Hold on a sec. Did you guys heard before of combining semesters? Like for example, currently you are in semester 6 and the following month is your last semester that you need to be attend, but supposedly the last semester is going to be on the beginning of the year. Weird right? This is the first time for me to go through this kind of unexpectedly situation. Studying for both semester at the same time and surprisingly this is my final semester that I'm going to sit for. *blink with watery eyes*
Anyway, I still haven't transfer my current pictures to my laptop yet, so I need to download it some from my facebook. Phail right? Ya, I know that. I'll do that ASAP once I finish downloading some music to my laptop :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Get hooked!

Guess what? Arthur's Day is back in Kua-a-la-la Lumpur! I'm getting real excited already. I'm sure everyone are gonna get "higher" when Taio Cruz and Mizz Nina "takeover" the crowds. This is gonna be so happening!
I'm sure this isn't going to " break break your, break break your heart", because with all of these top music and famous stars, they are going to get everyone dancing all night long! Wait! Not to forget for the drinkers, Mmmm-mmm, it just taste so great especially you are partying outdoor with lots sweat! Taking every single sip of freshly draught stout and at the same time enjoying the rhythm of the music. This is just so good!
To be frank, I'm a STOUT lover and enjoy musics a lot too! Arthur's Day came here just in time. I've been waiting for it so long! I really just can't wait for it. Taking every single sip of Stout, and enjoy the rhythm and the flow that makes you feels like "get it dance". *imagining*
I still remember the past 2 years (if I'm not mistaken), I was an ambassador of Arthur's Day @ Sunway Lagoon. Yup! I was on duty that night. Although I was on duty, still I enjoy a lot that night with music, crowds, peoples, and last but not least the famous group Black Eyed Peas was on stage and also Will.I.Am was doing his spin that night too! How awesome it was! If you were there, I'll bet you will shout out your lungs off! Lol! Anyway, now I really wish that I'll be able to explore the night with my loves one, partying all night long, and shout out my lungs off. Wait! Not to forget the STOUT! *drooling*
Don't stare! Go! Go win this tickets! Don't know what to do or where to get? Click here, and it will link you to the link. Follow the instruction and type all your details at the link. 4 tickets for free is ain't an easy way to get it. Go dig out your mind and create some inspiration. Be creative! Copying peoples idea is a Big No-No! (: This will just show how bad is your reputation will be. No offence! So, let's see how are you going to inspire these people to let you win away these tickets! So "what you waiting for?" Don't miss this great chances away!
Please bare in mind, "wearing all your favourite BLACK brands, brands, brands, brands" before you're heading to Speed City KL @ Selangor Turf club.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Good bye to my old lappy and say hello to the new arrival, DELL Inspiron. I was so moody when I can't turn on my old laptop in few weeks back and the first things came across my mind was, my files!! I haven't back up all my latest files! SHIT! It's like my life had been doom. No laptop, no life, and everything just vanish just in one second! It's like back in those 90s, no facebook, no youtube, no friendster, no nothing. Staying at home, watching telly, listening to CD player and reading books. But luckily, I still have my smart phone with me! Buahahahahaha! At least it still can fill my time with latest comment, pictures, music, videos and so on.
Anyway, got a new laptop. Everything is so clean and new. Gonna recall my memory and to download back all my valuable files back to my laptop. #goddamnit
I'm off to bed now! Nights (:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Random post

It's 11.02pm... I feel a little tired here. There's a fan, facing towards me and making my eyes dry out and I feels like closing my eyes.
Hummm.. whatever. Gonna blog a while and then I'm off to bed. What a lazy day for me today. Woke up at 11.30am, rolling on bed and whatsapp with my man for half and hour, and I forced myself to wake up before I got back to sleep again. Don't you feel that sleeping is a moment that you can enjoy, no thoughts, no disturbance, no nothing. Just close your eyes and enjoy the beauty of sleeps. Anyway, talking about sleep, I need to get up real early tomorrow morning. *sign* I have a class to attend. Oh-my-god!! I feel so lazy to wake up early in the morning.. Always got frighten by my phone alarm.
Alright, it's getting late already. I'm off to bed now.. Night pee-pole! Sweet dreams! *flying kiss*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Just a simple post that I'M going to express my feelings out.
I asked for this one favour from you, but you disagree with me and you started to complain. :l
Do you know once I'd listen everything that you told me, I felt so... depress.
Ya. I know once I choose this path, I won't look back and look forward for my future. Although I know it's tough, but I'll take things for granted.
I won't list it out who am I describing. I just wanted to write something out to make me feel better.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Opps.. I left my blog with a non-updated post -.-.... Although I know I don't really have any reader, but still I feel so sorry to my blog. Never update it wisely. Sometimes it doesn't feels right. I don't have that kind of inspiration to blog, but I'll try my best to blog more often and please~~ I need more inspiration!! *smack head*
Forget about my laziness attitude....As usual, finish my exam not long ago, got fucked up one night, 709 riot last Saturday (I'm sure everyone knows about it. If you are not, you better start to tweet or facebook to update yourself) and starting by tomorrow, another new semester calling for me again. Times flies!! It's July already, but why I still feel like I'm in the month of February? Hmmm.. Weird. Anyway, I still enjoy my life here. Studying, hanging around with friends and my boyfey, and last but not least, I'm not a bad and naughty girl. Don't look at me with a 'one kind' face if you sees me. Lolll~ Everyone do like to enjoy their life right? So do I. :D
Talking about the 709 riot, reading the news in the newspaper, it's a total crap. Why do you need to crap the whole story in the newspaper? To show that you are not hurting the citizens? Or what? Hello~! Everyone tweets and facebook! Do you think people still want to read all of those crap in the newspaper? People rather read the accurate information in the tweet or facebook than your crap. People who went for Bersih rally, you guys are brave! *clap clap* They just wanted to have a fair election and a peaceful country but phail for the police who simply fire the tear gasses to the citizens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whole partying month

What a tired month. I've been partying a lot this month. I feel so exhausted, and tired. Must have a good rest and to hydrate my skin back. I want my baby skin back!!!! Gonna start pamper myself! I can feel my skin is tired and dehydrated, dark circle, and not having a healthy life. I've been drinking a lot this month. Beer, liquor, wine @.@.... Always feels tired while working... This is a big no-no for me.... I NEED TO REST!!!