Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At last!

At last! I smell college life again! It feels so wickedly again. I'm done with slacking around at home. Time to have some busy life now with taking public transports, seeing busy road with people crossing by the street, attending classes, rushing for assignment, working, drinking, hang out and partying. This is how life goes! Not just slacking around and doing nothing. It makes me keeps on looking at the time with every 10 minute and think 'when will the time strikes at 6pm?'
But for now, I'm so gonna have a busy life again :D Yay! Don't need to think what should I do or what to do any more because I have a lot of stuff gonna be done by now :) Life is short, I'm going to enjoy to the fullest!
Hold on a sec. Did you guys heard before of combining semesters? Like for example, currently you are in semester 6 and the following month is your last semester that you need to be attend, but supposedly the last semester is going to be on the beginning of the year. Weird right? This is the first time for me to go through this kind of unexpectedly situation. Studying for both semester at the same time and surprisingly this is my final semester that I'm going to sit for. *blink with watery eyes*
Anyway, I still haven't transfer my current pictures to my laptop yet, so I need to download it some from my facebook. Phail right? Ya, I know that. I'll do that ASAP once I finish downloading some music to my laptop :)

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