Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Here comes the Chinese New Year again! Everyone wearing new clothes, new shoes, new accessories, new hair style and lots more. Everyone look so fabulous! And not to forget.. ANG PAUzzzz!! Everyone get to have Ang Pau! *ka-ching ka-ching* I can see everyone wallet is full of MONEY!
Cam whore time for the 1st Chinese New Year day. After today, I got to start my work again.. *sign* and not to forget, revision. yiks~ It doesn't feel fun at all.

Anyway, I still enjoy Chinese New Year *smile*

P/S: Am currently using Maybelline 'The Magnum Volum Express' waterproof mascara, it really volume up my lashes and it really look obvious! You can even don't need to put any phake lashes on already :) I'll gonna do a comparison soon. So, you'll get to see it soon :)
Ignore my dark circle.

JIPABAN to the rescue!

Went out with Karen and Chris for brunch. After brunch, look what I've got? A mail to Crystal and it's from JIPABAN! FYI, if you don't really know what is JIPABAN... click HERE for further information. I'll bet every girls will LOVE it! *wink*

Anyway, JIPABAN mailed me a very cute ang pau pack and a their catalog. You'll get to know who's the owner or the shop, and how old is the shop. If you want to view more, just move your mouse press HERE and it will bring you to JIPABAN link! Isn't this easy? *smile*

Come on. Go give it a try, sign up as a JIPABAN member and you'll get to buy more nice clothes without wasting your time to travel and fight with others for nice clothes! *giggle* JIPABAN will save you with everything.