Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here it begin

Holiday is heading soon! Yeeah! But the bad thing is, I still need to go for work, do my assignment, and everyone dislike about it... HOMEWORK! Gosh, my lecturer gave me this 3 question that I've totally no idea how to do @.@ Some one please HELP ME! I'm soo DOOM~~

Anyway babes, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!" Make a wish or write a note to Santa Claus. Tell him what you want for Christmas but in one condition.... You gonna be a good good girl you know? :D Santa Claus will keep an EYE on you.

Don't forgot for those who are Buddhist, we are going to have "snow ball eve day"... err.. ok.. don't laugh at me. I know it sounds childish, but I don't know what should I name it in English.. But in Cantonese, it is called "Ko Tung Jit / Tong Yuen Jit".... If I'm not mistaken.... Don't laugh ok? Forget about it. I waited for soo long! I love "snow ball tong shui!" It taste soo sweet ^^

So, Christmas where are you heading to? For me, I'm not gonna go down town and stuck on the traffic. Me and my classmates and my hun, are going to have a steamboat Christmas party! No need to stuck on traffic, no need to wait to be seated in the restaurant, no need to Que for movie, no need to walk in the crowded place. :D Sounds good right? You can do whatever you want. No need to scare other people look at you with some weird expression. Be what you want to be. If you are happy, then just go for it! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Pain~

Waow. I can feel the pain right now. You know how it feels like? There's this thing pulling your heart, stretching you heart, hitting your heart till you barely can't to breath. Imagine that, how pain I was right now. @.@
Just because of that 1 late submission subject, they need to fined me for RM30! Hey~ I'm waiting for the management to approve my thing, but then now they want to fined me =( .... This is what I called... "The Pain"!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Just started my operator job not long ago. Finish my 6 days training and now I am all by my own! Must have fresh minded and alert. I got scold by this 2 customers. I hope I won't did the same mistakes again. @.@

Tired life. Assignment is coming towards. Need to finish it FAST, or else you'll see me this lil girl with a very HUGE DARK CIRCLE! Don't wish to happen it, so I must have a healthy life which is go to bed early, drink more water, apply mask once a week. =) Girls girls girls, can you imagine that??
Saw my dark circle? I look horrible in these pictures! Seriously, I really do need a good rest. I feel so tired. Rushing my assignment, entertainment, and going work. Anyone can help me? Heard liwen told me, now everywhere are having MEGA SALES! Darn! When do I have the time to shop? I want to shop! Shop for this coming CNY clothes? Or maybe more??? xD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sagittarius Babe

Sagittarius Babe: an optimist who looks at the big picture. You'll talk to most people on most subjects, making you a fun party guest. Your entrepreneurial thinking takes you far, but it'll be hard for you to move forward in a stifling environment.

The Good: Your sense of adventure gives you an exciting edge. You are naturally lucky and once you reach your goals, you tend to move on to new challenges. You are a reliable and fair friend who will charge in to right all wrongs.

The Bad: Fast-tracking projects and gambles often make you look unprepared and you can lack commitment. You are not keen on structure and shun responsibilities because you prefer to have fun and be free to travel.

Love: You need a visionary guy who cares more about making the world a fair place than designer gear. He also needs to trust you, have a life of his own and maintain a healthy life/work balance so there is time for fun and romance