Monday, July 11, 2011


Opps.. I left my blog with a non-updated post -.-.... Although I know I don't really have any reader, but still I feel so sorry to my blog. Never update it wisely. Sometimes it doesn't feels right. I don't have that kind of inspiration to blog, but I'll try my best to blog more often and please~~ I need more inspiration!! *smack head*
Forget about my laziness attitude....As usual, finish my exam not long ago, got fucked up one night, 709 riot last Saturday (I'm sure everyone knows about it. If you are not, you better start to tweet or facebook to update yourself) and starting by tomorrow, another new semester calling for me again. Times flies!! It's July already, but why I still feel like I'm in the month of February? Hmmm.. Weird. Anyway, I still enjoy my life here. Studying, hanging around with friends and my boyfey, and last but not least, I'm not a bad and naughty girl. Don't look at me with a 'one kind' face if you sees me. Lolll~ Everyone do like to enjoy their life right? So do I. :D
Talking about the 709 riot, reading the news in the newspaper, it's a total crap. Why do you need to crap the whole story in the newspaper? To show that you are not hurting the citizens? Or what? Hello~! Everyone tweets and facebook! Do you think people still want to read all of those crap in the newspaper? People rather read the accurate information in the tweet or facebook than your crap. People who went for Bersih rally, you guys are brave! *clap clap* They just wanted to have a fair election and a peaceful country but phail for the police who simply fire the tear gasses to the citizens.

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