Monday, July 25, 2011

Random post

It's 11.02pm... I feel a little tired here. There's a fan, facing towards me and making my eyes dry out and I feels like closing my eyes.
Hummm.. whatever. Gonna blog a while and then I'm off to bed. What a lazy day for me today. Woke up at 11.30am, rolling on bed and whatsapp with my man for half and hour, and I forced myself to wake up before I got back to sleep again. Don't you feel that sleeping is a moment that you can enjoy, no thoughts, no disturbance, no nothing. Just close your eyes and enjoy the beauty of sleeps. Anyway, talking about sleep, I need to get up real early tomorrow morning. *sign* I have a class to attend. Oh-my-god!! I feel so lazy to wake up early in the morning.. Always got frighten by my phone alarm.
Alright, it's getting late already. I'm off to bed now.. Night pee-pole! Sweet dreams! *flying kiss*

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