Thursday, September 15, 2011


Good bye to my old lappy and say hello to the new arrival, DELL Inspiron. I was so moody when I can't turn on my old laptop in few weeks back and the first things came across my mind was, my files!! I haven't back up all my latest files! SHIT! It's like my life had been doom. No laptop, no life, and everything just vanish just in one second! It's like back in those 90s, no facebook, no youtube, no friendster, no nothing. Staying at home, watching telly, listening to CD player and reading books. But luckily, I still have my smart phone with me! Buahahahahaha! At least it still can fill my time with latest comment, pictures, music, videos and so on.
Anyway, got a new laptop. Everything is so clean and new. Gonna recall my memory and to download back all my valuable files back to my laptop. #goddamnit
I'm off to bed now! Nights (:

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