Monday, September 19, 2011

Get hooked!

Guess what? Arthur's Day is back in Kua-a-la-la Lumpur! I'm getting real excited already. I'm sure everyone are gonna get "higher" when Taio Cruz and Mizz Nina "takeover" the crowds. This is gonna be so happening!
I'm sure this isn't going to " break break your, break break your heart", because with all of these top music and famous stars, they are going to get everyone dancing all night long! Wait! Not to forget for the drinkers, Mmmm-mmm, it just taste so great especially you are partying outdoor with lots sweat! Taking every single sip of freshly draught stout and at the same time enjoying the rhythm of the music. This is just so good!
To be frank, I'm a STOUT lover and enjoy musics a lot too! Arthur's Day came here just in time. I've been waiting for it so long! I really just can't wait for it. Taking every single sip of Stout, and enjoy the rhythm and the flow that makes you feels like "get it dance". *imagining*
I still remember the past 2 years (if I'm not mistaken), I was an ambassador of Arthur's Day @ Sunway Lagoon. Yup! I was on duty that night. Although I was on duty, still I enjoy a lot that night with music, crowds, peoples, and last but not least the famous group Black Eyed Peas was on stage and also Will.I.Am was doing his spin that night too! How awesome it was! If you were there, I'll bet you will shout out your lungs off! Lol! Anyway, now I really wish that I'll be able to explore the night with my loves one, partying all night long, and shout out my lungs off. Wait! Not to forget the STOUT! *drooling*
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Please bare in mind, "wearing all your favourite BLACK brands, brands, brands, brands" before you're heading to Speed City KL @ Selangor Turf club.

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